Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Active beach life (within reason)

At the crack of 10:30 we headed out to hire some bikes. We wanted one with a chair to carry Aisha and a small one for Lucas, though seeing the state of the bikes and the roads he changed his mind and we got two bikes with chairs. On mine the breaks nearly work and everything. We also got a mask to do a bit of snorkeling. So, properly equipped, we headed up the road to complete yesterday’s mission: finding a swimming pool near a good snorkeling area.

Before long we came to a lovely beach where we just had to stop. We took turns snorkeling. Visibility is OK, corals a bit sparse (what we saw in Amed had been much better), but plenty of fish. Sadly no sightings of sea turtles yet, though the Gili islands are famed for them.

We continued on our trip round the island. Since there are various hotels with swimming pools we stopped at the first one which took our fancy. We asked if we could use the pool if we had lunch there and they were OK with that so we stayed for a couple of hours.

Near sunset we had reached sunset point, but the kids were tired and we had to return the snorkel by 6 so we just hung out a bit by the tide pools looking for sea snakes and starfish before heading on. Here the road got very sandy so we had to dismount and push the bikes.

There is a doctor / pharmacy round the corner from our place so Esther popped in for some seasickness pills. We don't want a repeat of the outbound voyage.

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