Thursday, 20 August 2015

Paradise lost

The beginning of the end starts today. After packing and returning the bikes we left out lovely island on the midmorning boat back to Amed. Happily no seasickness to report, and the whole experience was much more comfortable. Even so we decided we needed a rest once we reached dry land so we gave ourselves time for a leisurely lunch, with a last bit of sunbathing and snorkeling (amazing again) and organised a car for 4pm to Sanur.

15 minutes into the trip we ran into a bit of a standstill; a village cremation (apparently they do multiple cremations as costs are quite steep) had blocked the road. I love the way they can just do that here, in Europe we have to organise stuff like Reclaim The Streets to let people realise they are more important than cars. After a few minutes (gainfully employed buying ice cream and taking photos) we were on our way again.

The trip was longer than we had anticipated. The big dual carriageway didn't start until we were over halfway to Sanur. We have got the same hotel as last time. It is a good place and relatively close to the airport. Tomorrow we begin our marathon of a return journey.

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