Friday, 21 August 2015

The long haul back

Bali Fri 21/Aug 12:00-12:45(+1) Jakarta (Air Asia)
Jakarta Fri 21/Aug 17:15(+1)-22:45(+4) Abu Dhabi (Etihad)
Abu Dhabi Sat 22/Aug 02:35(+4)-07:55(+7) Brussels (Etihad)
Brussels Sat 22/Aug 11:05(+7)-13:25(+7) Madrid (Etihad; Air Europa)

We are over halfway through our marathon of a return home to Madrid, with one short and one long flight under our belts. A taxi arrived at 10 to take us to the airport. Left plenty of time as traffic can be a bugger (and it was). In the end we didn't have much waiting around at Bali airport. The time at Jakarta flew by what with baggage reclaim, the bus transfer between terminals and lunch (and a bit at a play area). We have left postcards for a little too late. They are written, addressed and stamped and we thought there would be a postbox at the airport, but no such luck. We'll have to deliver them ourselves.

Here at Abu Dhabi we have spent most of the time between snacking at a coffee shop and at another play area and will soon board our plane to Brussels. And the transfer desk; Esther left her wallet on the plane, so far it hasn't turned up, but we hope they will find it and send it on to Madrid.

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