Monday, 10 August 2015

Sanur beach

The beach down by the centre of Sanur is prettier and much emptier. Nice but not amazing. Still, it's fine for us. We bought a kite and a bucket and spade (I suspect we paid way more than we should have, even though we knocked them down to half price) and headed towards the sand.

It is quite a shallow beach, protected from the waves by some rocks or coral about 200m out to sea. There was a bit of wind, but I only counted half a dozen kite surfers at any given time. I guess the surf scene takes up most of the attention. There are some cool local boats, sort of catamaran style, now only used for tourist rides. Most fishing seems to be done by rod out in the shallows. There is loads of beach and relatively few tourists, so it all looks quite deserted. It's great, I'm glad we avoided Kuta.

So an easy day. We swam, built sandcastles, flew the kite, had ice cream (and beer) and generally lazed about. Afterwards we headed to the main supermarket to stock up on milk and biscuits and other essentials we drag around to top up the kids diet. Someday they will be old enough to appreciate sauces, spices and chili but until then we will forever carry an extra bag when travelling.

There was a small party going on next to our dinner restaurant. It started off with a sort of prizegiving or something, and most people had the same t-shirt, from some club or something. There was also a guy playing a guitar. Over dinner the small party slowly transformed into a sort of small hardcore techno party (the Dutch influence I guess) which brought smiles to our faces (and frowns from the oldies at most of the other tables). The kids were intrigued so I left Esther to pay the bill and we went to watch the party. 2s later we were in, jumping around sweaty bodies and getting offered satays and beer. It took quite a lot of convincing to drag Lucas away after half an hour or dancing.

And the fun didn't stop there. On the way home there is a sort of traditional Balinese school where we had seem them practising music. Today they were in full swing with a dance rehearsal and everything. So we stopped and checked that out for a few minutes as well. Aisha was transfixed by the dancing.

Both were asleep within seconds of hitting the bed.

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