Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Gili Air life

A proper got-nothing-done day today. Aisha, like daddy, isn’t a great fan of the beach. Today we wanted to reach one of the hotels that has a swimming pool, the idea being they would let us jump in if we had lunch there. After a bit of fruitless haggling with the cart drivers we opted to walk (the whole island is tiny). Instead we stopped at the same place we had had dinner and movie yesterday for a quick dip (and were allowed to choose the movie for tonight - Frozen) and ended up staying the whole day there.

Which wasn’t too bad. A bit like our Ubud shopping day, a holiday within a holiday. We even had a bit of excitement seeing a would-be thief being taken away to Lombok (there are no police on the island). Lucas and Aisha made friends with another 3 kids and they got on famously. In the end nobody watched the film, they were too busy playing. Lucas wanted to watch the second (adult) film but five minutes into Mad Max we decided it was way too much for him and we had to prise him away with Harry Potter on the tablet.

For tomorrow we have sworn to be more active.

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