Saturday, 15 August 2015

Back to the beach

Packing, pool and pizza (not really, the kids had chicken nuggets) was the order of activities before the arrival of our car. After 4 days away from the beach today we headed to Amed, on the east coast.

Oops, nearly forgot a whole bunch of clothes by the pool, including my new trunks. Ran out of the taxi (we were in chocablock traffic in the Ubud high street) and met them at another junction.

Ran into another major bit of traffic halfway there on one of the only two-lane roads on the island. Apparently one line was closed for roadworks, and the other was being hogged by some sort of jogging competition that takes place every year between students, police and military to celebrate independence day. The driver said we could be stuck there for hours (it was complete standstill) so he turned round. No idea why virtually everybody stayed put.

In the end it was much better for us as we took the scenic route through villages and countryside. Got great views of Mount Agung, an active volcano and the highest peak in Bali.

By the time we arrived at Amed it was dusk so we didn't have much time to explore. The sand is black (from the volcano) and Mt Agung rises impressively to the left of the beach. It's a bit choppy, but I'm sure it will be OK for Lucas and I to brave the waves for a swim tomorrow. He really enjoys playing in the waves. And Aisha is happy to play by the shore and occasionally get her feet wet.

Tomorrow it is Esther's birthday. Need to get a cake or something similar. We already have a candle we stole from last night's hotel. Maybe there is a bakery nearby.

We have just realised we lost a lot more than Lucas' shorts in the launderette. The girls are both missing most of their panties. We have gained a whole bunch of random socks though.

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