Sunday, 2 August 2015

Getting rid of jetlag

The flight delay on the last leg was short, but waiting for the baggage to turn up was looong. Late afternoon arrival - today we weren't doing much - so we had got a hotel by the airport as we had decided to skip Jakarta and had a flight the next day to Yogyakarta. After a minimal bit of haggling we beat the taxi down from 150,000 to 100,000 (yes, the currency is pretty insane here). If only we had read the guide, the thing to do was let the taxi meter decide. Peeking behind the not-so-subtly-placed piece of paper on the meter I saw it should have been 35,000. Oh well, ripped off by 4 euros on the first day.

Supposedly there was a swimming pool but (a) it was in the hotel next door so (b) we had to pay but (c) never mind because it was closed anyway. The plan had been to distract and knacker the kids out to get then into bed at a decent local time and wake up in the new time zone tomorrow. As it turned out it was quite late and dinner was entertainment enough (for the waitresses as well).

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