Tuesday, 11 August 2015


We had organised a late taxi, after lunch, to take us into the mountains of central Bali so we had time for a last visit to the beach. Today was windier. In fact we broke the kite (though I think I can fix it with a bit of sellotape) so Lucas and I scoured the beach to make an "invention" out of assorted bits of rubbish. This is his favourite activity, though sandcastles (and lately sand spaceships) also take up a fair bit of attention.

We were 5 minutes late back at the hotel. By then the boot of the taxi had already been filled with all our stuff so all we had to do was climb in and wave goodbye.

The drive up to our next destination, Munduk, was long but very beautiful. The urbanised beach area slowly gives way to small mountain villages and rice terraces (no flat spaces for fields out here). It took over 2h to get to Munduk, with only one 2m stop to get money out of one of the few cash machines.

It's a lovely little village. Just one road, with a few houses falling steeply at each side. As is to be expected the countryside idyll is interrupted by the sound of mopeds and cars, but we're sort of used to that by now. We even turned down the (more expensive) rooms a bit further away from the road: the traffic noise didn't seem too bad.

We didn't have time to do much, we just wandered into the main part of town and back again and organised our tour for tomorrow with the hotel people. There are no cash machines out here but everybody except the small shops seems to take plastic.

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