Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The easy road to Borobudur

It turns out the bus station to Borobudur is miles out of town and our hotel is a few kilometres from Borobudur. Since a taxi door-to-door is 20 euros we went for the easy option and arranged for a pick-up after lunch. This time it was Aisha's turn for a lie-in and by the time we had had breakfast, packed, and in Aisha's case, woken up, we just had time for a quick goodbye dip in the pool before heading out to lunch. It was an Indonesian place run by a cooperative of local artists (I later bought a cool t-shirt there) and yes, there were less locals eating here than at the pizzeria.

Arrived at our new hotel at about half 6, which is an hour after sunset and completely nighttime. We are a bit out in the sticks, though pretty close to the temple complex (the main attraction in the area). Luckily there is a noodle-and-rice stall just across the road so with a few wares from there and our trusty food bag we rustled up a decent enough dinner. Then the kids, full of beans after a siesta in the car, put on a karate and ballet show (for the modest price of 500 rupiah).

Aisha at times gets a bit homesick and wants to sleep only with Esther (with 2 separate rooms in most hotels we try to swap each night). It was a bit of a struggle but tonight we managed to convince her to sleep with me. She seems to be slowly accepting all the changes. Last year she was a bit slower to adapt as well (Lucas adapts at the drop of a hat).

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